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Business Cards Design Make QR Codes for Business Cards In Adobe InDesign For Free

Make QR code and download free. Use the created QR codes to visit web pages, dial phone numbers, text messages or tweets, share contact information, or access WIFI networks (and many more).

Make QR Codes for Business Cards In Adobe InDesign For Free

QR codes on business cards are a new but effective trend in the world of business and marketing. Not only does it traditionally convey the contact information of the person, but it also adds a note to the values ​​of the person/company. The design of the card itself is essential to show professionalism and quality.

Make a good impression when networking by presenting new acquaintances with a business card with a QR code. Adobe Spark makes it easy to design a custom business card complete with logos, brand colors and contact information, complete with a scannable QR code.

Browse professionally designed templates for inspiration, then pick one to mix and match for your small business. Print your business card design at home or send it to a professional printer. Reuse your design and QR code for your brand presence online and on social platforms. It’s as easy as picking a template, customizing it, and sharing it.

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