Warten Weg

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Warten Weg
Creative Director
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    South Africa
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Hello! E'm Warten Weg. I work as a Graphic Designer in Durban, South Africa. I have extensive experience in graphic layout and building and am also skilled in design. I enjoy discussing our uniqueness with you.
Graphic Design
Web Design
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  • SEO Expert
  • Marketing & Publishing
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Business Card Design


Welcome to the business card design portfolio of Warten Weg, your freelance graphic designer based in the vibrant landscapes of South Africa. With a passion for creativity deeply ingrained in my South African roots, I bring a unique perspective to every design endeavour, reflecting my homeland’s rich cultural tapestry and diverse influences.

Showcase of Creativity and Innovation

In this portfolio, you’ll find a curated collection of business card designs that showcase my commitment to excellence and innovation. Every design is created with great care, attention to detail, and a thorough comprehension of the customer’s demands, producing eye-catching images that appeal to a wide range of people.

Capturing the Essence of Your Brand

From sleek and modern to elegant and minimalist, my business card designs cover a spectrum of styles to suit every brand identity. I work directly with customers to capture the spirit of their brand and transmit it successfully through visually stunning business cards, whether you’re going for a dramatic statement or a subtle hint of refinement.

Business Card Design by Warten Weg

Looking for inspiration? Browse our portfolio below to see some examples of our work:

  • Black & Bold: A striking business card for a photographer featuring a dramatic black background and bold white typography.
  • Modern Minimalist: A clean and sophisticated card for a web developer, showcasing their logo and contact information with subtle geometric accents.
  • Creative Flair: A playful and eye-catching card for a florist featuring a watercolour floral illustration.

We also offer a variety of resources to help you get started on creating your dream business card:

  • Free Business Card Templates: Download one of our free templates to customise yourself.
  • Guide to Business Card Design: Learn all the essential elements of creating an effective business card.
  • Blog: Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in business card design with our informative blog posts.

Maximising Your Brand Identity with Creative Business Card Design

Are you prepared to leave a deep impression? Speak with Warten Weg right now about your demands for business card design. In addition to the services mentioned above, you might want to include the following on your portfolio page: Testimonials from satisfied customers to display, accolades and recognition to showcase any honours or distinction your work has earned, and a call to action to make it simple for prospective customers to get in touch with you for a price. By exhibiting your design prowess and providing helpful information, you may draw in new business and position yourself as the industry leader in business card design.”